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Hullo i'm YOYO. I love music artists like Bruno Mars, Ke$ha, Ne-yo, Katy Perry, 2PM, 2AM, 2NE1 and BigBang. I believe that nothing's impossible and if you do it, it's done! ㅋㅋ If you ask me what i want to be when i grow up, i'd say i want to be happy.
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Cruise trip

Hello guys! I'm back from my Cruise trip with my family! OMG it was AMAZING!~ I totally don't want to come back home...
We took "Super Star Libra". You can see it from the above picture. Pretty, eh?
And I also got to see Charles Bach, a Magician from Las Vegas performing LIVE! His magic was FAB. He also did the Underwater Escape whereby he has to escape from 75 pounds of chains, locks, and shackles!
Here's some facts about the ship:

So sorry for the poor image quality. If you wanna know more 'bout the ship simply click here.
Anyway, as I said earlier, I'm gonna be back with many pictures. So let me tell you about my trip with pictures. (:
(Please use a faster browser, I recommend Firefox, really.)

When we first checked in... :

Yeah, my room! (:

Thanks god there's a TV in the room. So that I can watch TV when I have insomnia. And what's more, there's Disney Channel! Yeah~~ (Am I being childish?)

Yes it's cold in there.

A picture taken from the window when we still did not depart from S'pore.

Oh darn, I actually took quite a lot of pictures of the toilet, but I don't know why it's gone. It's not in the camera! Nevermind, I think you guys aren't interested about the toilet, eh? Haha.

Outside the lift of deck 3.

The stairs of deck 9.
FYI, deck 9 is at the top of the cruise, below deck 10.
When I walked outside, I saw....

The pool!
I went swimming there at Day 2.
Now here's some random pictures of deck 9:

Yay! Ping pong tables! Good thing that my brother brought the Pingpong set there...

It's the tables of "Mariners' Buffet".

Some food from the buffet! (:

Afternoon tea ~

Looking up at deck 10.

Now at deck 10:

Now pictures of inside the decks. I'll go by deck by deck.
Deck 4:

It's the "Four Seasons Restuarant"!
I had dinner there on the second night, and it was bad! Not the food, but that we had to share a table with 4 other ppl whom we don't know at all! ZOMG I was extremely uncomfortable. I don't enjoy it at all.. T-T


Outside "Ocean Palace".

It's me looking at the sea one morning while waiting for breakfast... Hahas!

Oh boy I love the curtains.

Breakfast in "Ocean Palace".

Dinner at the same place (;

Deck 5:

Star Dust Lounge. Charles Bach performed here this:

As I said, awesome. The lounge was packed like sardines and guess what, I got a seat right at the back! But at least I can see.
There was also other shows. There's performers from Brazil, Russia, China, etc. The girls are so pretty and the guys are so... cute? Heheh.
What really amazed me was that a girl from China used her legs to carry a 250kg thingy (I dont know what it's called, maybe "vase"?)! Somemore she can turn it round with her feet! Anyway it's really fascinating.

Inside the lounge.
There's also another lounge named "Galaxy of the stars".
Deck 6:

Life boats!

An art piece.

I guess that's all the pictures I have. T-T
And now, I'll talk about the amazing "Underwater Escape"! He's the only magician in the world to perform this and as I said earlier on, he has to escape from 75 pounds of chains, locks, and shackles! Nearly 3 minutes underwater!! No matter how he did it, it's really, really difficult to hold your breathe underwater for 3 minutes!
At first it was supposed to be performed on Friday, but due to unfavorable wheather conditions, it was prosponed to Saturday. Luckily the rain stopped on time... (: Actually I wanted to record it but the camera run out of battery... -.-" Damn, what a good timing! You can watch it in Youtube if you want. He succeeded anyway! ^v^

LOLs! I managed to take a picture before the camera was dead. ^-^

BTW, I mentioned that I love the waves, right? Yeah especially when the ship's moving! Here's a video of how it looks like: (I took this video)
(Warning! You may feel dizzy while watching it.)

Aww, and that's all for my trip.
I really enjoyed myself and I hope I can go cruising again in time to come!
Anyway, a trip worth to remember! (:

PS:// Time really flies when you're enjoying yourselves. T-T

19 December, 2009 10:30 PM
must miss me.

Yes!! I'm leaving S'pore in a few hours time~ This will the last update when unitl im back. (: And I'll be back with loads of pictures! ^^v
Anyways, remember to tag at my tagboard!

Buh-bye! Must miss me kay?

PS:// Changed blogskin! Submitted my old one to blogskins.com (:

16 December, 2009 11:40 AM
Pissed off.

Argh. I didn't know that reserving an item at the library needs money! I gotta take that book I reserved today. >:( And pay that stupid $1.55.
So expensive! I was so bored at the library and I'd got nothing better to do so I go reserve "Breaking Dawn". Damn pissed off now. Sigh. Shouldn't have done that.

Tmr's the day! Yay.
It's the first time ever in my life I get to take a cruise.
I'm so anxious and curious.
BTW, do check out my icons site @ http://xoxo0706.livejournal.com/! Support okays... Hehehs.

BTW, I love my crystal ball! See:

Cute right? :P

That's all for today, buh-bye.

PS:// Rara-aaa, gaga-oh lala....

15 December, 2009 10:47 AM